White Labeling

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You can choose between our two platform models:

SaaS Iotiliti platform

This distribution model will require no development costs and will generate no additional maintenance. All resellers will be using the iotiliti platform without any customizations, rebranding, nor integration capabilities. The platform may be pre-configured and made available to a reseller within few minutes. 

White-labeled platform

For our partners in need of customization and a tailored distribution model, we offer a white-labeled solution. In order to fulfil partners’ requirements, such partners will have their own separate “clone” of the iotiliti platform.   Each clone will rely on its own infrastructure which needs to be configured, deployed and maintained. 


Maintaining increasing amount of platform “clones” requires a unique design of the platform.  That is why we made sure that application’s source code and configuration is modular, allowing loose-coupling and containerization.

We made sure you can customize Iotiliti platform to fit your company’s needs: 

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