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24/7 Operational Monitoring

Network, communication, components, battery and platform.

Management & Support

Built-in support tools for operational support and reporting.

Advanced feature set

Allows end user personal settings on alarm functions.

Role Management

Role management ensures precise traceability and access control levels

Alarm Receiving Centre

The technology is integrated with a certified alarm receiving centre for the provision of professional security services.


End to end encrypted communication in all layers.


Power, communication, platform and alarm receiving centre.


Notification centre that notifies end user on events.


Test and certification of components secures stability.

Heartbeats and Supervision

Central monitoring ensures control of omitted signals.

Secure Infrastructure

Only certified components are allowed in the network. Supported by Mesh for optimal signal transport.


Works both locally and through platform.

European Certification

EN 50518 certification of an Alarm Receiving Center (ARC), secure a common norm of:

Physical requirements for an ARC

Design, construction, and functioning equipment for premises where the monitoring, receiving and processing of (alarm) signals generated by one or more intruder and hold-up alarm systems takes place as an integrated part of the total safety and security process.

Requirements for equipment in an ARC

The technical requirements of an ARC, which also includes functional performance criteria, communication requirements, system availability, testing, fault handling, BCP and verification of performance of alarm handling.

All routines and procedures for an ARC

Including training of operators, screening and vetting of operators, logging of activities, documentation and procedures of testing.

Safe4 has an annual recertification.

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