Application Framework

Customizable application
from the Iotilti platform

By choosing Iotiliti, you have the opportunity to customize the application, and also, you can brand the app with your company logo.

End-users are in full control of their secure and smart home. They can also subscribe for Alarm Receiving Services, Healthcare Services and additional in-home delivery services through the app.

The application is based on Google Material Design, allowing the end-user to construct his personal navigation. Any service or component can be activated as a shortcut on the end-user dashboard.

The family can switch to the language that suits them. Possibilities of using the entire application without demanding training. All services should be a maximum of two clicks away, and a person should be able to navigate quickly to ones favorites. Supports single-hand navigation through bottom menu.

Having invested for future demands we have created an application capable of handling several hundred components in a home’s network – this without the home owner losing the overview.

Possibilities to invite friends or family to their smart and safe home. A home owner can assign accesses to others on a level he is comfortable with. He is notified of events, achieves peace of mind, and is reassured of the service.

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