Advanced Features

The glue in the
value chain

This IoT platform ties the hardware and the services together. Through effective capturing of data, transport and response – the Iotiliti platform can activate and request professional response services to incidents in the physical architecture. Iotiliti brings data to those who need it.

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Supports open standards

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The architecture is based on modern principles and meets the needs of future pattern recognition, machine learning, and AI. The technology runs on all server structures and can be scaled to handle unlimited amount of data. The architecture allows third party integrations for all types of hardware and is ready to provide services based on the business models of the future.

What else does
the Iotiliti platform do?

Full runtime status of connected devices. If any device malfunction or disconnects from the network the user will be notified.

Connected devices detects various events and these data are filtered, stored in the cloud for future use and distributed when need to provide new or improved services.

Collected data is accessible using standard interface and IoT protocols.

All data is logged with the details necessary to audit the chain of events which led up to and during the incident.

Alarms and alerts are handled by certified Alarm Receiving Centre or Response Centre according to customer agreements

All data are protected using widely recognized security protocols to ensure the customers privacy.

Devices like door locks can be access using high lever API enabling highly requested services as In-home Delivery.

The devices which the customer has installed can be monitored, updated and controlled using the low lever API’s.

Using context awareness the system can respond differently in certain situations. Like for instance when a user is at home a movement sensor can be used to turn on lights and heating, while away it can be used to send an alarm.

These are ways to combine device for various types of automation.

Bootstrapping server across environments, to support moving gateways between different servers, global firmware upgrades and configuration

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