Providing full end-to-end server solutions supporting open standards

IoT and Device
Management Platform

Our core business is integration of software and application development. We can help you in tailoring your business solutions. 

Being a service provider, we can also assist you in implementing rules and requirements to your solutions. Our platform handles your end-users’ Big Data and also safeguards consumers’ privacy. 

In addition, our platform also creates the pre-conditions for 3rd party sensor technology being offered to high volume portfolios through a partner-friendly and loyalty-friendly business model.

Moving forward
supporting Open Standards

With this secure platform we move forward with enhanced IoT-technology, suited to serve partners’ and customers’ demands within security, smart homes and healthcare services.

Iotiliti supports open standards such as MQTT and offers a secure gateway for all verticals and industries to aggregate Big Data analytics and «last mile» operations through international monitoring services from our Alarm Receiving Centre and partner eco-systems.

Who would benefit from our platform?

Companies in search for an industrial grade and security certified IoT platform for data collection, processing, visualization, and device management.

Healthcare technology providers looking for user friendly remote monitoring solutions with focus on privacy and security. 

Hardware producers eager to provide competitive solutions in the IoT market space. 

Rental companies in search for a cost-effective cloud based key administration.

Gateway producers in search for a secure market leading cloud based IoT platform for providing a complete value chain based on your products and solutions.

Companies looking for a secure in-home-delivery or digital access solution to optimize their logistic operations.

Companies in search of a cloud based IoT solution or cloud-to-cloud integration solution.

Energy companies in search of cloud-based energy management solution.

In need of an IoT Solution?
Try us out!

We can help! International IoT players can try out our secure IoT solution in their own environment.

Together with Develco Products we have constructed a website for ordering demo kits.

What are the benefits of the Iotiliti platform?

Wireless Platform

Accelerate your IoT business with our wireless platform. Our IoT development platform offers interoperability and flexibility, making it easy for you to build apps on top of it.


We offer you the infrastructure you need. Through our gateway we give you the «I» in the «Internet of Things» and make your devices Internet capable. We introduce connected homes to professional services.

OTA Seamless

You have the opportunity of cost-effective remote upgrading of firmware though our framework operating on “Over-The-Air” seamless infrastructure.

3rd party Professional
Service Providers

Iotiliti provides you with a range of services from professional service providers. These can include Alarm Receiving Services from certified ARCs, Healthcare Response Centre Services, Data analytics, In-home-delivery services etc.


Iotiliti is fully digitized and made available through high-level APIs. Iotiliti is ‘hardware agnostic’ and supports multiple gateways manufactured by different companies. Through a common standard Iotiliti communicates with all supported types of gateways.

Amazon Technology

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is our chosen hosting environment, allowing flexibility of resources and scalability. We offer access to data storage, advanced analytics, forecasting, machine learning and AI services that can be used in conjunction with other AWS or 3rd party services and products.

Get to know our platform better

Security Features

We have security as part of our DNA and never compromise on end-user’s security.

Microservices and Rule Engine

Are used to build flexible, independently deployable software systems.

Advanced Features

We offer an open, intelligent and scalable platform for your solutions.

Application Framework

A flexible application to customize and re-brand your product.

White Labeling

Possibility for customization and tailoring your end-user solutions.

Who we are

Iotiliti offers a secure IoT and Device Management Platform and provides full end-to-end Server solutions. Iotiliti enables a layer of professional services to be added to connected homes.

Our legacy from the security industry is in our DNA. We tailor businesses’ solutions, we offer service provider tools and assist in rules and regulations. We handle your customers’ Big Data and protect consumers’ privacy.

Ioiliti is a division of Safe4 Security Group AS. 

“Freedom to choose”

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